Mikhail Leschenko. Minsk (Belarus)

Some exhibitions:

2003 – participation in an exhibition arranged on base of the results of the ProPhotoArt-2002 competition. Minsk, Belarus

November 2004 – participation in Happy To Be There exhibition, Vienna, Austria.

2005 – participation in international photo exhibitions «Berlin-Minsk:alternative ansichten». KvU, Berlin, Germany/ Podzemka (Underground) Minsk, Belarus

November 2008 – participation in the 2nd International Fashion Photo Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania.

April 2009 – joint project called Diaries of the Wind. Pobeda movie theatre, Minsk, Belarus

December 2009 – January 2010 – joint project called Noon. Pobeda movie theatre, Minsk, Belarus

May-June 2010 - Noon joint project in the Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia

April 2011 – joint exhibition called Noon in the Fotoloft Gallery, Moscow, Russia