The Enchanted Wanderer

This blog is my photographic diary.

Most of my photographs are about communication between man and nature. The age-old pagan relationship once was deeply integrated into man's world.

Some of my works are in its way metaphoric portraits of nature, its original, inexplicable and at the same time attracting force. Through this metaphors I try to gently touch this force, this is an attempt to get back the sense of magic inhered into ones childhood. 

It is also an attempt to create my own myth about reality, to show а poetic view of things.

All photographs are printed manually by myself in a darkroom with use of a black-and-white film.

In this blog I also want to share the joy of listening to soulful music, the atmosphere of which is very close to that of my photographs. You can find it in the main menu bar under the title SOUNDS.

My e-mail: vig-vam1@yandex.ru

If you want to by a print, just write me.

Mikhail Leschenko